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Archive for October 29, 2020

They lost it

The Times has lost it too. Guess which ‘fridge is a Biden or trump fridge? Really!? You guys have nothing better, no news, than to waste my time with wondering what republicans keep? And for the record with more than a million guesses, the fake news democrats were only right about 53% of the time. No self respecting republican would ever peek at the NYT. OMG!

Rembrandt light

Rembrandt light. Before I forget, this lighting scheme reminds me of that. I have created a studio set up by chance. We were merely cleaning up and straightening things out. (The spinning wheel has provenance back to the 1860’s.) Colleen thinks I’m a genius. I work along the theory that even a blind squirrel gets a nut once in a while. Whatever! The effect first worked on my cat. And now it’s wildly successful on another precious subject. Gee, sometimes I am very humbled to get worthy shots.