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Archive for October 31, 2020

For Profit

Does this compute??? Trump has business interests in Turkey and Erdogan asked for and received a favor from trump in exchange for money and profits to trump. Why not? It passed through two US Attorneys General at trump’s direct order. It would be a big news impeachable headline. But, we are so fatigued by the corruption of trump that this is hardly a blip. Hey, it’s only $$$ millions, and, the “pres” is a good business “man” (god) many will admit to admiring.

Hurricane Zeta hit Louisiana, the fifth named storm to hit this season. Who can remember the other four? By now you see corruption, and, shrug?! The bastards!! Follow the money.

Good – Bad

The upper right and left are examples (i.e. poor exposure, composition) of pics placed in a newsletter posted by “cat proud” weavers who can’t take proper pics of their beloved cat. I laughed at Colleen. She contends they are sound (cute) photos. I disagree, of course. There’s no excuse for accepting a bad photo.

iPhone or camera? Jules makes a cogent argument for using her iPhone nearly exclusively. It’s always at hand. She will concede a camera is better. But iPhone is right handy. Me? Obviously, I’m all about the camera. (She shot with my camera.) Ha!