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Archive for November 1, 2020

Purple cow

I never saw a purple cow.

I never hope to see one.

But, I can tell you any how, I’d rather see than be one.

Polling is deceiving. It’s like tea leaves or clouds, prediction. Data gives you better information than clouds. Data would be better than tea leaves but there is still an uncertainty factor.

Heisenberg uncertainty principle: Uncertainty principle, also called Heisenberg uncertainty principle or indeterminacy principle, statement, articulated (1927) by the German physicist Werner Heisenberg, that the position and the velocity of an object cannot both be measured exactly, at the same time, even in theory.

So, I gotta say, I’d rather be Biden than the other guy. It’s lookin’ better each day. “Fool me once, shame on me….” Yeah, yeah, I also mess up – “It must be jam ’cause jelly don’t shake” too. Who’s more foolish, the fool or the fool who follows him?

Old or new

I have once again exposed my bookcase to scrutiny. (I hand-built it.) But, I am illustrating another fact. If you weave or spin, you have more than one wheel. It’s common. I’ve been told, one woman had 40 wheels – spinning – in her home. I’m lucky. We only have … well…. there’s a great wheel – so called because … they are also called walking wheels. They are among the oldest spinning wheels around. Modern? The wheels are now more modest in size, and, larger in cost. Castle and Saxony are popular styles. We have multiples. Of course. Why? Let me ask, would you just have one camera if you are a photographer? Laughing? Probably the greatest satisfaction (ever?) – indulging your (beloved) wife.