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Archive for November 3, 2020

Dawn – Day of…

Are we anxious? Yes. I would like my country back. I was born here. It’s mine as much as anyone’s. We have among us good and bad. There are those who deny evolution. There are those who believe the earth was created in seven days. Until now we lived peacefully. Then, the upheaval – and a dark force came to toss all notion of propriety aside. It comes to an end and the will of the voters will by their record numbers will take back what we had so recently taken for granted. Much will be written. But however it is remembered – good won out. We have not forgotten though I wish to forget your stain on our history. Anxious, yes, until it is done. One among you dissents (?), I’ll take those odds any day. The new day comes, barely a cloud, sunny, full of hope, again.

Deck time

I’m too far ahead. We are in July as I write and it’s November as I publish. Too many good images, too little time. I should have made a cat blog. Have I said that before? They (the cats) like to look out through the rail. What? I don’t know. Longing? The photo below is not a selfie. It’s my attempt to shoot a view of the flower that is on a plant 6ft tall overlooking the rail. It’s a reverse view (like a dive with a full twist in pike position…). Forget it. I got a bee! That was a bonus. I did not intend to see myself. That was an unforced error. My cats? They are still wondering what’s outside the rails. …not me.