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Archive for November 5, 2020


It’s time to go to the hard liquor. I will readily admit that I expected a different result. There will be a winner. I would rather be blue than red from this position at this moment. There’s no second place. We will know soon. We are deeply divided in greater numbers than ever. At least the good guys are still in the game. Go team! The popular vote was never close. We are literally at the hands of an electoral college most of us do not see the point about. All the other elections are simply – one man, one vote.

Morning star

I got a picture of the morning star. It’s the tiny white dot in the lower right quadrant. Shooting the moon was the challenge. The dynamic range of the image overexposed the moon. I went to manual exposure, got the moon’s detail, and tried to blend it back into the photo. It’s complicated and not perfect but closer to what I saw. … sort of.