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Sore loser

read the fine print….. The major TV networks – ABC CBS NBC all cut away so that the prime time viewing audience was not exposed further to your lies. LIES – UNTRUTHS. It is but a fitting end to a failed reality host who has no more ratings and no more interest. I am sure you will make news again with outrageous pardons and orders. But you are no longer feared. You are going back to being the pathetic crazy old man you always were. Bye don. See ya.

… last one out, please turn off the lights.


I have been on the hunt for a good NY style cheesecake since Jeddah (years). No, they don’t make cheesecake in Jeddah. There was a Cheesecake Factory; it was not good at all. I made (recently) a Jello instant cheesecake; it was worse by far. Yuck! I finally assembled the “real” Philly cream cheese and made one; it was spectacular! I decided to try again. I did a few things wrong – like I turned off the oven instead of simply lowering the heat. After an hour the cheesecake had obviously not baked up. I survived this calamity. There was a crack on the top. Heavens!! My waterbath! Nope, the crack disappeared as the cake cooled. We didn’t eat it for days – circumstance. It only got better! – the top was shiny- glazed – just like a NY cheesecake should look.  No, we are not social distancing so much now. We’re (smartly) vetting our guests. The beer? – Colleen did it – shaken but not stirred, The cheesecake? – heaven on a plate – with cherry sauce!