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Archive for November 8, 2020

…out with a whimper

It’s not over till…. But, it’s all bluster from here on. You’re fired! Your minions are abandoning your sinking ship. There is no basis for legal challenge and your minority no longer rules. Loser! The courts will no doubt take great interest in your failed finances. Maybe russia will welcome you though I doubt Putin has use for you either. (I never watched a single episode of apprentice, but, I understand.) Bye don. You’re fired!

This end…

Sphinx moth, tomato horn worm. I got ‘em. How? Dunno. They showed up eating a bite out of my green tomatoes. They proceeded to eat the leaves leaving bare stems. They pooped leaving droppings outside the tomato pot. Finally!!! I caught on. Duh!! First one, then another, then another… Colleen said they had to go. She’s got the farm background. Ok! They stick to the plant like glue. I fashioned chop sticks from two BBQ skewers. No luck. (They stick, remember?) The anatomy is fascinating. Fake “eye” spots. Horn! Multiple pairs of “clinging” legs in clustered pairs. The mouth end looks to have row upon row of teeth to chomp the leaves to the stem. They poop! But! They seem to poop near the head not the tail end. (Yes! That is pictured, top center.) That was interesting (too). I mistook the horn for the head and the head was so non-descript to be mistaken for the tail. Ha ha! My bad. I know my vision is fading with age… but maybe there’s something worse when you can’t tell the head from the tail.