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Shame, shaming, shamed…

“Joe Biden is right — does Donald Trump really want denying the election results to be his legacy? Because I’d like to remember him as the president who kidnapped kids and helped kill 240,000 Americans, not for this.” — TREVOR NOAH

“Oh, yeah, it’d be a shame to tarnish that. What was it going to be — ‘the man who finally stood up to the sun?’” — SETH MEYERS

“Pretty soon we’re going to need Vladimir Putin to stage an intervention.” — JIMMY FALLON

“He is like a toddler too hopped up on sugar to go to bed. There’s no reasoning with him at this point. You just have to let him tire himself out, wait until he falls asleep on the kitchen floor, and hope he hasn’t conspired with the dog to stage a coup.” — STEPHEN COLBERT

Alternative facts just keep coming. The election didn’t happen. How about a do-over? The electoral college is not remotely close. You lost the popular vote by 5 MILLION votes! Crowds stand cheering (your loss) in front of the White House.

White dots, black background

Astrophotography. It requires a whole new skill set. It’s another language to locate stars in the sky. I was never particularly good at locating the North Star. It’s about as easy for me as to see duckies among the clouds above. I’m hopeless. I could never follow trail signs to get that Boy Scout merit badge. If you take me somewhere, I will always get home again. But, certain things are complete confusion for me. I sought that elusive Neowise comet streaking through our skies. It won’t be back for 69 hundred years. How about that? I won’t be here when it returns. Darn! I got a bunch of white dots on a black field. You may laugh. Please! There was a single streak. Aha! The comet?! Nope, probably camera movement. It’s not the tail. Settle instead for another flower picture. It looks like it’s in the daisy family. Alas, I don’t know its name either. But, it’s a better pic than my astro shot.