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The face of stupid

Refuse to wear a mask, go out into a crowd without a mask, mingle, party – it’s a recipe for disaster. Memory? How about if you remember back to March, 2020. That would be merely 8 months ago?

10 million people infected, 200,000+ dead, 1000 newly dead per day, and 140,000 new cases per day. AND – the numbers are all rising.

You don’t believe you can get it, or, that you are bulletproof? In Las Vegas, the house always wins…. Your odds are good because 99% of people survive…. unless you are the “dead” one.

In the ocean the shark eats from the school of fish. For all the rest things are fine… except for the one he ate. Yeah, stupid…. I do not recommend being the fish that got “ate.”

Presently, politics and $$$ drive the map and the mandates. Common sense? Dead is dead. No one knows: if PT Barnum said, “There’s a sucker born every minute.” Who cares? It’s the “sense” that counts.

Follow this idiot? I don’t think so. My momma didn’t raise no dumb chillins.


It’s technically a butterfly and not a moth by the definition; I will not elaborate. I just got great detail. No complaints. It just flew into my camera view and landed on the butterfly bush. No kidding. It’s called a butterfly bush. Thank you. It works! – the bush.