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it’s called MAGA math

“Now it doesn’t look like a million people, but keep in mind a lot of those guys are wearing camouflage.” — JAMES CORDEN

“I mean, if this is how his aides do math, it’s no wonder Trump thinks he won the election.” — JAMES CORDEN

“So the administration ends as it began, lying about crowd size. They’ve come full circle. That’s just basic geo-MAGA.” — STEPHEN COLBERT

“Look, whether it was thousands or a million, the important thing is that the White House is still encouraging people to gather in large groups without masks right now.” — JAMES CORDEN

I guess this will further inflame my loser republican friends – …. acquaintances… former buddies. But…. ya gotta call it. HE TWEETED: I WON THE ELECTION followed the next day by: i won the election….. followed by: l o s e r 😦 What’s it all mean?? Are you going like the wicked witch in the Wizard of Oz…. much like youself – a bitter angry ugly old woman…. who’d give witches a bad name.

First outing

The last place we dined was the first place we dined again. Thai. Bubble tea. Funny. Colleen got coffee flavor. So? coffee flavored bubble tea?! It’s got giant black balls of tapioca. Our first one (bubble tea) in this restaurant. Good! We were at one table. The only other occupants were at a table up front. We were distanced by about 100 feet. Not bad. We felt safe enough. Symmetry. I like symmetry and we just happened to eat last and first. – Last time March and now first outing again July. Nice!