Word and Image

it’s called MAGA math

“Now it doesn’t look like a million people, but keep in mind a lot of those guys are wearing camouflage.” — JAMES CORDEN

“I mean, if this is how his aides do math, it’s no wonder Trump thinks he won the election.” — JAMES CORDEN

“So the administration ends as it began, lying about crowd size. They’ve come full circle. That’s just basic geo-MAGA.” — STEPHEN COLBERT

“Look, whether it was thousands or a million, the important thing is that the White House is still encouraging people to gather in large groups without masks right now.” — JAMES CORDEN

I guess this will further inflame my loser republican friends – …. acquaintances… former buddies. But…. ya gotta call it. HE TWEETED: I WON THE ELECTION followed the next day by: i won the election….. followed by: l o s e r 😦 What’s it all mean?? Are you going like the wicked witch in the Wizard of Oz…. much like youself – a bitter angry ugly old woman…. who’d give witches a bad name.

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