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Archive for November 18, 2020

People are dying…

The hospitals are at capacity. They simply have no space. NO SPACE! – no room at the inn…. so you die because you can’t get care. And NOW! they declare an emergency. I have no sympathy for stupid. North Dakota has a record number of deaths at a rate greater than any country in the WORLD. And South Dakota is number 3 in death rate. You gotta be pretty bad to not be paying attention to fact and science. Yes, the earth is flat. That will not kill you. Idiot? Yes, our republican politicians followed the fearless leader who led them to jump off the Brooklyn Bridge. There is no excuse for stupid. And it’s sad so many people followed you – and are dead for your stupid. SAD!

Storm’s coming

I just glanced up to see this fast-moving storm coming from the west. No doubt. We got the rain a few minutes later. No need for a weather warning or a weather report. We got the expected driving rain in sheets. Dramatic! Yes, it was. I’ve been trying to get a night star shot of the passing comet. Not on this night.