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Archive for November 19, 2020

75 million…

… voted to kick your ass out of the White House. Leave. You are embarrassing yourself as a clinging weak old man. I suggest you leave the country ahead of the indictments that are sure to follow your crimes. LOSER! Cheating is not an option. You already did that once. NOT again. There are no “do-overs.” You lost and will forever be a loser.


My posts reach the converted – the believers. It’s a shame. What do the rest of the people not understand? You have lived with fact and truth. You make up your own mind and use common sense. Or, are you just a lemming? The upper midwest has covid and it’s a killer. They had ample warning: now – dire warning. Nope! Just go about business and ignore the facts. Healthcare resources are overwhelmed. That is a fact. The number of infected and the number of deaths is stupefying. Unbelievable! IT’S HIGH!!! What superlative would catch your attention?… if you even knew what the word meant? This is gonna get a whole lot worse. I, shall heed my own warning. Ignore me at your own peril. Fauci got it right.


We, that is I and the cats, were out on the deck. Some noise? A stampede. They all charged to the door. Ok! Colleen opened the door and in! they went. Hey! I herded cats! It’s something that we all learned together. I can round them up. Really!