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Archive for December 4, 2020

’nuff said… oh yeah!

“Aw, guys, that is adorable. Trump is pardoning his kids and his house pets.” — TREVOR NOAH

“And he’s not even pardoning them for anything specific. Trump is just handing out pardons like they’re gift cards: [as Trump] ‘I figured I’d let you pick your own crime, so enjoy. Do something crazy, you know? Live a little.’” — TREVOR NOAH

“Of course the big question now is, can Trump legally pardon himself? Because you see, no one knows for sure. But I actually want Trump to try it, just because it will be fun to see how he’ll do it. He’ll probably be in the mirror like, [as Trump] ‘I hereby pardon you. No, I pardon, stop pointing at me. I’m trying to pardon you. You’re pardoned. You’re so good-looking, but you’re pardoned.’” — TREVOR NOAH

“It’s not a great look for your presidency when your biggest accomplishment is ‘most family members pardoned.’” JIMMY FALLON

“It’s pretty crazy, the last person who needed pardons for their whole family was Charles Manson.” — JIMMY FALLON

“According to legal experts, Trump’s children may need pardons due to potential conflicts of interest arising between their business dealings and conversations with their father. Meanwhile, Jared Kushner needs a pardon for the time he killed a drifter just so he could feel something.” — JAMES CORDEN

“Usually presidents grant pardons after they’ve been vetted very carefully by the Justice Department. Trump is shooting them out of a T-shirt cannon right now.” — JIMMY KIMMEL

“Some families get each other sweaters for Christmas, the Trumps get pardons.” — JIMMY FALLON

“Pre-emptive pardons for his family — although to be fair, Don Jr. says he doesn’t need a pardon unless cocaine is illegal.” — JAMES CORDEN

At a loss for words

Nature is cruel, survival, and all of that. Feather found a tomato worm. She worried the thing across the deck, pawing, and toying with it. She licked it – taste test. Then, she bit it and swallowed it. I was a bit shocked. Not surprised. Just amazed that her base instinct took over. Gone. Hardly a meal, a mere snack. Done.