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Archive for December 8, 2020

The clown show…

“Sadly, this Covid test is the only positive thing to come out of Rudy Giuliani in four years.” — JIMMY KIMMEL

“When the news broke, the coronavirus was like, ‘Damn it, I knew I should have worn a mask.’” — JIMMY FALLON

“Who would have thought? Especially after Giuliani had taken every precaution — and thrown it out the window while screaming ‘Election fraud!’ in a crowded room with no mask.” — JAMES CORDEN

“He’s in the hospital now. He claims he’s feeling good; he claims he’s recovering quickly. He’s feasting on the blood of newborn babies in the maternity ward.” — JIMMY KIMMEL

“OK, for a man his age, it is a troubling diagnosis, but I have no doubt he’ll get top-notch medical care. Plus, you know Rudy will stay hydrated. He drinks so many fluids, they leak out his skull.” — STEPHEN COLBERT

“So, for just a partial list of Rudy’s achievements since the election: He’s lost 48 lawsuits, he melted on camera, he farted in court, he got Covid, and he shut down a state legislature. The only thing more embarrassing would be if he married his own cousin. He what?!” — STEPHEN COLBERT

“We may look back and see that he gave his life to overturn the results of this election.” — JIMMY KIMMEL

We have devolved to the “Gong Show.” Do your worst! See if they notice? You just can’t make this shit up. Farting on TV will always draw a reaction. Let’s hope it wasn’t a wet one.

“(In this amateur talent contest, three celebrity panelists audition a series of acts – some good, some hilariously awful, all nonprofessional – and cut off the losers mid-performance by striking an enormous onstage gong.”)

Hard to do

The conditions need to be just so in order to photograph a spider web. The camera does not want to focus on the tiny strands. I did it… yay… but it’s not particularly inspiring. I will wait another day. Meanwhile, it’s not easy posing your cats. And for that matter it’s hard to photograph a strawberry… without eating it first. That happened to the blackberry (no pic available).       

Monarch butterfly… & bee

A monarch landed on the deck among the mint blossoms. It stayed for 780 images. Yup!! Most times they have defects in their wings – damage from flying about. So? Which images were worthy? To be sure I have monarch butterfly pictures. (And, I have a whole lot more now.) These two made the cut. One – I never get a curled proboscis. Two – my goal has been to get a bee in flight – one next to a monarch butterfly – priceless!! To be honest, the bee simply flew into my picture. It was the one and only image.