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Archive for December 14, 2020

It didn’t have to be this hard

It was never in doubt. trump and his cronies just made it harder at the end. They still might try to pull some dirty deal. Barr got fired. He wouldn’t go along with all the treasons, only some. I must say I am relieved that democracy worked. we fired his ass emphatically this time. It has been an unbelievable four years filled with one stupidity after another. Scars will remain for a long time to come. It’s our country once more and our White House soon. May the indictments follow many and soon. Lock him up!

Hidden gem

I’m scanning old slides. Mostly it’s sentimental – family shots. An aside – I thought I was a pretty good photographer. Boy! What experience teaches you about life!. My scanner does its job according to calculated algorithms. Sometimes good, sometimes not. I glanced at the preview just as it made an adjustment leaving the image washed out. I quickly processed the image rescuing my imagination. Under any other circumstance the potential of this slide would have been lost in a mass edit. Gee, I was not so bad as I feared.