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Bitch slapped

NY Post editorial as follows: “Give it up, Mr. President — for your sake and the nation’s.”

In a blunt editorial, Rupert Murdoch’s New York Post, a tabloid that promoted Donald J. Trump long before he went into politics, told the president to end his attempts to overturn the result of the 2020 presidential election.

The Monday front page showed a downcast president and the all-caps headline “Stop the Insanity.” The publication’s website also featured the editorial, written by The Post’s editorial board, at the top of the home page.

“Mr. President, it’s time to end this dark charade,” began the editorial.

It blasted Mr. Trump’s suggestion that the House and Senate try to disrupt the tallying of Electoral College votes on Jan. 6. It also ridiculed Sidney Powell, a former lawyer for the Trump campaign who pushed conspiracy theories about a Venezuelan plot to rig voting machines in the United States. And it said a suggestion by Michael T. Flynn, the former lieutenant general who served as Mr. Trump’s first national security adviser, to impose martial law was “tantamount to treason.”

“You have tweeted that, as long as Republicans have ‘courage,’ they can overturn the results and give you four more years in office,” the Post editorial said.

“In other words,” it continued, “you’re cheering for an undemocratic coup.”

DUDE! You been … #$%$^ dissed!! Let me summarize this exercise in logic: Murdoch owns Fox New. Murdoch owns The NY Post. Therefore, Fox News is no longer your (trump’s) friend either. I would say that is worth a headline. When all your (enablers) friends leave you, what do you do? It must be pretty bad to be a fading fat former president (say that tongue twister 3 times fast) about to be fitted for an orange jumpsuit all your own. “Lock him up” is closer than ever. Do you prefer upper or lower (bunk)?


I have two spiders who made webs and a home outside my windows. You would almost miss them. How? They are large! And, I was able to photograph their webs. The webs are nearly invisible. And they are large (too)! There’s not much cute about them. Somehow predators are not very warm and fuzzy. The details are what I could get. Not too good, not too bad. I was pleased to get as much detail in the web as I did. And, if you look closely you can see the thread of web spinning from the spider’s rear.