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infamous… only minutes to cave

After Congress rejected his false claims, he caved immediately. He – trump – threw his supporters under the bus. hawley asked for campaign money even as the riots occurred. Weak and ultimately impotent, trump only weakened American democracy. trump’s infamy has already been compared to Pearl Harbor and 9/11. That’s a legacy he can take to the (Russian) bank.

“Congress certified the election of Joseph R. Biden Jr. early Thursday, hours after a mob of loyalists urged on by President Trump stormed and occupied the Capitol, disrupting the final electoral count in a shocking display of violence that shook the core of American democracy.

Mr. Trump, who spent months stoking the anger of his supporters with false claims that the election was stolen and refused to condemn the violent protests on Wednesday, said early Thursday that he would respect the results.

“Even though I totally disagree with the outcome of the election, and the facts bear me out, nevertheless there will be an orderly transition on January 20th,” he said in a statement.

The statement, which had to be issued through surrogates since Mr. Trump’s Twitter account was suspended, came moments after Vice President Mike Pence affirmed Mr. Biden as the winner of the presidential election shortly before 4 a.m. after the final electoral votes were tallied in a joint session of Congress.”

WIMP! he – trump – caved immediately! LOSER! It ain’t over. Legions of trump supporters are still enthralled.

thrall/THrôl/ Learn to pronounce nounliterarynoun: thrall

  1. the state of being in someone’s power or having great power over someone.

Too stupid to comprehend – millions voted for him. And, they believed his lies and conspiracy theories enough to storm the Capitol. My disbelief is that they still do believe that asshole (trump) was robbed. Even Sarah Palin weighed in. She was not the brightest politician of another era….

“To any insincere, fake DC ‘patriots’ used as PLANTS — you will be found out,” wrote Sarah Palin, the Republican Party’s vice-presidential nominee in 2008, who demanded that the media look into the identities of the people who smashed their way into the Capitol.


Whether you’re interested or not, I have shot more than 596,000 digital images since June, 2004. That would be 4251 (days) entries in my database out of 6200 or so days in the past 17 years. It’s nice to be able to review my data. It has been quite a journey through digital. I have evolved so much. Parsimony held me back when I used film. The cost of digital has dropped while camera technology improved so much. I am thankful. Truly! There are gems among my early digital. I am happy to say I am better than I was and not as good as I’m gonna be. By way of comparison, I shot about 117,000 slides over 32 years from the 70’s to 2004. I make it a point to try to shoot something everyday.