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Taliban, Al qaeda

It’s like the plot of a B movie. All the cops were told to “stand down, stand-by.” Terrorists take over the Capitol. Then Arnold Schwarzenegger sweeps in guns blazing to kill the bad guys at the end. Afghanistan, Iraq? Terrorists imposed their will upon the people. The will of the people was subverted. The acts of terrorism were plain and simple. This is not freedom of speech. This is not the right to peacefully protest. This is breach of speech and against everything America stands up for. We fight and fought the longest war in our history to defend freedom and democracy. There is no excuse for terrorism – domestic or otherwise. The phrase – “to defend the Constitution from all enemies – foreign or domestic” never dripped so heavily with meaning. The sarcasm is thick upon the lips of those who will bend the will of the people. It is terrorism pure and simple. The threat of mob violence will not be met with a cowed population. Those who say, “Turn down the rhetoric, lower the temperature.” are correct. But do not mistake peace for resolve. If you commit a crime, you will be found. Freedom of speech ends where you trample the rights of freedom in this country.

I have been to DC. I have seen what a pissed off electorate looks like. We waited four years for our turn to vote again. Four years, trump lied and cheated and got impeached and nearly ruined America. We waited….

Freedom to assemble and free speech is not freedom to riot and invade the Capitol. A bedrock principle of democracy is to disagree – peacefully! If you disagree – vote! – and if you lose, your turn will come if the will of the people agrees. trump LOST! And then he tried to bend the will of the minority to cling to power. Sore loser? No, pitiful!

Do you care?

No, probably not…. Hey! It’s my blog. Ha ha! So, there was glitch in the Nikon scanner. Long story short, you wouldn’t likely care for the details, it needed a couple replacement motors. I just love it when they give me the parts they removed. It’s a nice touch. Now, I have something more – to never throw away.It works again. Dust! Cat hair! They are the bane of clean scanning. You don’t want it in your scanned image. Nope! Not! Ha ha! Try and avoid it. I have an overhead ceiling fan. Ray, the cat, stepped on the remote and turned it one. In a testament to my cleaning skill, the room looked like snow was falling, a blizzard!! It was cat hair and dust from the blades, The visual alone is worth a laugh. I was shocked; Colleen giggled.