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Six Senators and one hundred twenty one Congressmen. There are lists in multiple publications lest anyone forget them. They voted to disenfranchise millions of American voters. They voted for anarchy. They voted for a coup. They voted against the will of the American people. They stood with trump and the Confederate flag. They are sheep who followed conspiracy theories and lies trump promulgated, falsehoods that undermined democracy. SHAME! We will forget you but when you next show up, someone will recall your vote. It will follow you and we will recall this class photo.

Morning star

I am unable to deliver to the monitor, the subtle color and detail I see in real life. It makes me inadequate as a photographer. I am working to correct this. Meanwhile, the moon is in partial crescent and the morning star is above. Which? Dunno. I admit the morning star is nothing but a small white dot. But it was dawn; the color of dawn was just rising; the elements were in alignment. What I saw was not conveyed to the camera. It was indeed a beautiful sight. Some things are too subtle for me to capture. It won’t dim my enthusiasm. Hmm, was that a pun?