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You do the crime, you pay! We know now how the country is broken along team lines. But there was a crime and you are now charged. Historical! No, sad. We let a madman run the White House and sleep with the nuclear football. We will be lucky to survive the next week. They were un-American. The Republic was secondary to position and power and team. Insurrection in the Capitol one week ago, and, there were deniers who chose team over country. Congressional members actively assisted the mob invasion of the Capitol too. These facts are just coming out. There is so much more to be absorbed. trump can lie, cheat, steal and make up alternate reality. But his ass is impeached. There is nothing fake about that. It’s fact. You been f’d dude. You do the crime, you do the time.

It’s no game

“What does “I’m rubber you’re glue” mean? It’s a response to an insult, usually only used by children. It means the insult said by the first child doesn’t apply to the person being insulted, but the person who said it in the first place. You look ugly. I’m rubber youre glue.”

There are lies and alternative realities that have been pursued for personal gain – trump, Cruz, Hawley. If this were a child’s playground, this would be vaguely amusing. In the Senate of the United States and by POTUS, this is dangerous and unacceptable. The rhetoric has reached the point where I fear the “nuclear button” is an option in a reality game. There is no justification. Democrats – no, Americans – should be running “hair on fire” to stop these madmen. trump, hawley and cruz have met the definitions:

trai·tor/ˈtrādər/ Learn to pronounce nounnoun: traitor; plural noun: traitors

  1. a person who betrays a friend, country, principle, etc.

trea·son/ˈtrēzən/ Learn to pronounce nounnoun: treason; noun: high treason; plural noun: high treasons

  1. the crime of betraying one’s country, especially by attempting to kill the sovereign or overthrow the government.

We cannot end the rebellion. But we can cut off its head. It will be a start. The rabble can go somewhere and start another country. But there seems to be nowhere they will be welcome. And there are those who would “take the law into their own hands.” That’s not how it works in a democracy. We waited four years for this vote. It’s your turn to wait.


Kodak’s fate was sealed when I got my first digital DSLR Nikon D70. It took a bit but not too long. Film? Slides? Gone. Like VHS tape. Gone. Film and slide scanning has gone through many iterations. There are cheap ways to get the job done. And then there is Nikon scan at 4000dpi. It is good? I guess. It has reached cult status. There are a few mavens who know and repair scanners in need. I was in contact with a couple. Characters? Yes, in the nicest sense there is a community of people out there who scan. I didn’t know how enthusiastic and will probably not know. I’m not on Facebook. I daresay everyone has their own workaround and solution to getting the job done. I have pictured here two scanners and two bulk loaders running day and night to get the task completed. No one in my family will ever care or be able to do this. Fine! Madness! Me. Yeah, I’m nuts.

The doughnut? Entenmann’s chocolate. If you live in NY or thereabouts, this is what you grew up with. My kids loved them. We kept them in the freezer (out of reach). When they could reach, I camouflaged them in a chocolate raspberry box (they hated raspberry). As the father there were ingenious strategies to keep one’s treats. My kids would raid my den for candy when they were desperate. I hid them well too. The doughnut – it happened to be in proximity to the scan photos. That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it.