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Archive for March 6, 2021


Shutterfly. I mused about the company and how they had my photos which they email to me to induce me to buy prints. Who owns them? But, I get how it works now. They have a deal with Apple. I post to the cloud and share on Apple. Apple licensed Shutterfly to use my photos to induce me to patronize their site. Nice! Not really. Everyone’s gotta make money. Nuthin’s for nuthin.’ The bastards got me. Shutterfly is insidiously sneaky. They started sending me photos taken years ago when I uploaded to Kodak. The glove are off now. They sent me flower shots from this past summer. For the record I got prints made from Mpix. No reason. They just happened to be advertising when I wanted prints. And CVS. I doubt I shall ever succumb to Shutterfly. I don’t like the fact that you are using my own photos to promote yourself.