Word and Image

Victor 6… and Feather

Fun with a tripod. I bet it’s easy to do with an iPhone…  Every tool is specific for its job. When I play with group shots there is planning involved. But as you can readily see, I am fast! Zzzzzt…. I simply raced around the table to snap the picture all the while leaving the shutter open. Superhero, Superman fast? No, I’m not. I simply had a little help from myself. After all, who would cooperate with me better than myself? There are those of you who will believe I did this in one sitting (with or without pun?). Indeed! I did. My beloved wife laughs. She thinks I’m a nut. Would that be in a social context or medical diagnosis? Two computers, different models; one cat, my beloved favorite (cat). This time herding cats was not needed. Call me anything you like, but, never call me late for dinner.

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