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Archive for June 3, 2021

Home safe

The bird feeders were moved to the front balcony to get them away from the squirrels. It took a week, then, the squirrels found them and climbed to the balcony. Great! Just great! Willow got into the habit of climbing to the rail. Actually, he jumps up to the rail. One bright sunny day in the spring – this spring – everyone (cats) was sunning on the balcony. After the cats were in we did the routine ‘cat count.’ No Willow. I did another visual sweep of the balcony. No Willow. On the back deck through the locked door, sat Willow, peering in, calm as punch. Apparently, Willow had jumped off the front balcony and come around to the back steps, leaped the gate, and returned home. The concept of front and back of the house was familiar to Willow. He’d only yesterday gone over the gate (leaped) to explore the wide world. This information proved key to his return. Smart cat. Colleen nearly had a heart attack. And, I don’t know how we can let Willow out to sun on the deck again.