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I split the discussion and did not show you gear in yesterday’s post. Waiting is good. Most gear I get is purchased after agonizing over the need and justifying the expense. Leica is Rolls Royce but I do not justify its expense. The “bang” for your $$$$ buck is too low in my opinion. The Canon G7X is my dive camera. It worked so well at the time and still would serve just fine. I am invested in its underwater housing and a strobe. The Sony RX100 VI is a compact camera with more than adequate telephoto reach. It is as good at getting a tele image as my Nikon 80-400mm zoom. Crazy! But to my eye, the image is adequate and way offsets carrying around a big heavy lens when traveling all day. The Canon EOS M6 II was my first mirrorless camera and made an instant leap to my carry-around camera. Covid canceled our trip to Scotland. And, a year later I got the Nikon Z5 full frame mirrorless camera. Full frame is the operative phrase, The camera is larger, therefore, heavier. If you don’t “get” (understand) it (heavy), the Z5 is not for you. Currently, the Z5 is my “go to” except where size matters and I wish to be unobtrusive. And. NO! Colleen will not be going anywhere for the “duration (of our forever marriage).” I am only allowed to have more cameras. … no more cats either. Tech? Gear? No, it’s the image!

So much gear… gearhead? So little time… need all that gear? Does/did it make you better? … do we need another spinning wheel? Sure! Aesthetic? Ah! Hedonistic! The antonym is eudaimonistic. And, we have never heard of that term. So…. go for it! Though, I tend toward introvert, I have never been accused of being a monk.

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  1. Shoot with the gear that makes sense for you.

    Nearly 25-years ago, my father-in-law gave me his old Leica M3 film gear – all of which was rendered useless due to having been stored in the attic for 20-years. I had to send the entire kit out for servicing – very expensive and over a year of waiting. But that started a long love affair with Leica that I’m finally over.

    Does Leica live up to their reputation? Well… I feel that their lenses are well made, but their camera bodies are not; I rarely had to send in a lens for servicing, but the camera bodies were unbelievably delicate, especially considering their cost.

    Optically, I don’t think Leica is ahead of the pack anymore, at least not for all of their product line because the competition has caught up with them (technology is the great equalizer in this case). The one lens I miss the most is the Summilux 50/1.4 ASPH, which had some of the most beautiful rendering I’ve ever seen, but I don’t miss any of the other Leica glass that I owned during that time.

    If you want Leica image quality without Leica prices, go with Zeiss and/or Voigtländer – both of which are manufactured by Cosina in Japan these days. Even Canon and Nikon have some glass that is just as good if not better than Leica now.

    For me, I currently use a Sony a7 III full frame body and a mix of Sony, Zeiss, and Voigtländer glass. I still have one old Leica rangefinder body and lens, but it’s a family heirloom and is just a shelf queen these days.

    June 30, 2021 at 12:30 pm

  2. Ha ha. My father in law too had a Leica that I inherited. I have never used it. I revered it. But I never used it. I had an Exakta DSLR first – a mistake. I had Nikon envy. Nikon FTN and on up their film camera line for me. Not Canon. I loved Sony video but never went to Sony cameras. The lens selection kept me with Nikon all these years. I have no complaint. I got the shots I wanted. I am guilty of camera abuse. There is no front lens cap for me. The cameras sit out on a counter ready to go at a moment’s notice. Dust, ha ha. I use a UV filter but rarely clean them. And, yet, I get the shots I want. Point and shoot started with a Canon G3 and later a G11 and G12. I got a Canon G7 for diving. I was not sacrificing a DSLR to sea water. And then, I fell for the hype of the Sony RX line. I jumped in at the VI and have been very happy with it. I very much admire your work posted from the Leica. My style does not lend itself to taking care of my gear. I fear the Leica would not survive my handling. Though I don’t toss cameras around, they are well used like the Vietnam era war correspondents. It’s not intentional. But, you can’t take a picture if the camera is not right there at hand beside you. It is striking to me how many similarities there are with our styles and how we have come to similar circumstances from different directions. I am indeed enjoying your work and learning style tips from what you have done.

    June 30, 2021 at 1:06 pm

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