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Archive for August 7, 2021

Eclipse – about as rare…

Peer into the background. Like a dam, chaos is being tightly reigned in. It’s summer. Colleen’s family reunions here every year since she was a kid. Generations gather, they transition, and another generation is here. How long will they keep gathering? I’m just a middle man. We host. We have not been this neat and tidy since the pandemic hit. It’s been about two years since I saw the tops of the tables. Guilty! Colleen and I both tend to leave things where they lie. That way I have an archeological estimate of what went where when. Got it? And, then there’s no dust on the table either. No worries, there’s plenty of dust everywhere else. Neat? Not exactly. But it sure works for us. You might laugh. You are neater than we. But then again, we are living well and happy. It’s amazing that having a mess is peace. We don’t argue. Things are always hidden under something or another. It’s home! Note: the pictures of neatness, you see, will last only a few days. Like the melting snow in spring, all will return to ‘normal’ in a few days. A crowd is coming. Soon, things will lie everywhere. Chaos! … returns.