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I thought the caption should be – “We wish you a Merry Xmas…” WPP – witness protection? I was fascinated to see Bruce pull out an iPhone to take a picture. WE never knew he had a phone. Of course, that led to – “we don’t have your phone number.” Diane quickly interrupted, “He’s in WPP. You can’t get the number.” Is that weird? His sisters? No number no! I get it; he’s a deaf mute. Obviously, Diane does this act frequently. She interrupted with a straight face. Or, (Bruce) he’s really a ventriloquist dummy. Sorry, but, you cannot call him except thru Diane’s phone. She’s his screener and she speaks for him. I guess he really is no dummy. He just plays one on TV. Clearly, I am weirded out. I was a physician too. Really?! Luddite? Dummy? Deaf, mute? Is this multiple choice? Or, short essay? Diane? Diane won’t see this. Bruce doesn’t have a phone. She can’t understand the concept that pictures in the cloud can be viewed on her phone. There’s no memory cost. Sorry, wrong (number), dummy? But? Who’s the dummy? Ok, ok, mean. But geez! Dumb and then you defend your answer. Must be jam, ’cause jelly don’t shake! (It’s an inside joke.) Does it mean Bruce is the man in the middle?

Superman is in a bar on the 22nd floor drunk when he turns to the customer next to him and says, “The updraft outside the window will allow you to float and not fall.” Superman steps out over mid-air; the customer follows and falls straight to his death. The bartender, “Superman, you’re a bastard, when you’re drunk.”

Alternatively, the customer said as he passed each floor on the way to his death, “So far so good.”