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Archive for August 24, 2021


Caning a chair is nearly a lost art. According to our teacher there are less than 100 full time caners. That makes them rarer than neurosurgeons. I have a bunch of chairs to cane. Lessons! Mine – lower right, right image – and, – left, lower left image, compares favorably with the teacher’s example – left, right lower image. Confused? Colleen’s is quite favorable though she thinks not. Imperfection – it’s common, expected, and accepted in old chairs. OK! Nothing I ever did was “dead on” in neurosurgery. There was always room for improvisation. Not so for Colleen, “perfection” is the word. Therein lies a quintessential difference. I am far more laissez-faire. But each of us, we each fight our tendencies. Funny, ain’t it? And, while you (reader) are still confused, I (too) would be hard pressed to compare and guess who did what – teacher, Colleen, or me? Lest there be doubt, Colleen is perfect! Of course! Me? In the end I am/was “perfect” – the journey is/was the adventure.