Word and Image

In a month

We got home after our extended road trip in New England. For near 30 days I shot about 1000 images a day. The enthusiasm/productivity dropped significantly when we got home. I did not download or transfer files for nearly a month. Ok! The experiment? What number of images accumulated in one month’s time. it’s not a fair experiment. Note: I try to shoot images in one camera or another once a day. Inspiration was low. Cats are always a good subject. But…? In November, I shot near 2000 images – the whole month. ?! in other years when I was younger, this would have been my yearly output. Film was expensive! I was cheap! And I had a day job! No excuses now. I am on social security. Digital memory is practically free. And, all I got is time on my hands. Sweet! Maybe we should get another cat or two?

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