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Archive for December 14, 2021

I wuz wondering

Umm, I don’t have Mark Meadows on speed dial on my phone. Do you? So, I’m wondering how cozy Fox news is to 45 (he, who shall not be named) to have Fox news anchors with direct access to the Chief of Staff. A direct line! And then, to advise? Does this cross the line between reporting the news and …? Oh! I see. It means nothing. Fox is the public relations arm for 45’s presidency. They immediately reported lies and continued to lie about the results of the 2020 presidential election results. Aha! Fox is the propaganda arm of the Republican party. … cuz, no one seems to pick up on Meadows being advised by news anchors.?!#$@$#!!! Three! Count ’em! Three anchors!! Ingraham, Hannity, and Kilmeade!! News organizations report the new unless, they make the news. I guess it’s good to be king! I can say emphatically, that I did not sign up to have a king of the United States.

Mis en place

Right about when Covid hit, we got messy. We always were (before). But, it is way out of control now. Laugh. Or, don’t. The other thing that comes to mind is – a messy desk is the sign of genius. We have that in common with Einstein? Good company. He liked ice cream. The good thing is that we don’t have melted ice cream everywhere. The cooktop (you cannot see it) is covered. Fruit is healthy!? Mis en place – I visualize (in my dreams) a neat kitchen where all the ingredients are arranged neatly in place ready to be prepared. Us? Me? It’s a freeforall. (Yes, a run on word.) How? Don’t ask! The pantry simply got uncontrollable. Or, I am old and senile. Having ingredients out on the counter makes it easier for me to spot ingredients that inspire the next dish I cook. Whatever! It’s a grand mess! No one goes away hungry. And, no ice cream melted in the production of this post. Yes, we give generously to the food bank. The pile just never seems to diminish. Alas!