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Archive for February 5, 2022

Back to the present

The nostalgic trip is done. I am on to (present day) family once more. Eh? It works that way? More groups. I am shy. I don’t herd people nearly as well as I herd cats. “Get into position, line up! Now.” Sometimes, yes, but, mostly I am a candid shooter.

I have pictures of Wanda. I cannot find another. It’s not crucial; it’s about the story. I needed a pic of Wanda. I have one?! Yup! Find it. Drat. There are a few amongst the thousands in my catalog.

Ah! Memory! So, my database is never wrong. GIGO. But, sometimes I leave out info (poor database entry). Lazy. Found it! A (better) pic of Bob and Wanda. Ha ha. I just had to let my memory sift things. Gee, I’m good. Yin and yang; good and bad? So far so good. And, yes, I shall remain retired.

Present day? It’s easier going forward… to keep track of things. You just never know when you will need that one shot… And always, focus on happy.