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Archive for February 7, 2022

I listen

At times, it is very noisy in the operating room. I have become accustomed to getting into the “zone.” Nothing distracts me as everything else fades into the background. At home, it works until Colleen says, “Did you hear what I just said?!!” I have also become adept at repeating the last ten or so words of the conversation. The words are in RAM – random access memory – and can be recalled on demand. (Shhh… they have never ( present and former wives) quite figured out my trick. Of course, any more detailed questions and I am caught “out.”

Resolved: “Do you want to know my (Colleen’s) new year resolution?” Oh boy! I don’t, but (she)… It is to acquire less stuff in 2022. Oh boy! That’s worth listening to. She wants to move to Maine. That’s off the table? … joy! It was the year of the gnome last year. Soon after these pictures were taken, we got one, Cat? Nice cat masks. I need another (cat)… please. No!! Aside: the present wife is just fine. Fine! Very!!