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Celebrate… muted

Celebrate, loudly, in a crowd, make a spectacle, whoop and holler? Why do folks feel the necessity? New Year’s. Maybe age has mellowed me. We did do some of the pomp. I tuned into Dick Clark’s Times Sq. Dick is long departed… TV – mute, definitely mute. A few macaroons, I scrounged in the pantry, a bit exotic and not every day fare. A bit of sparkling cider, not Martinelli, another find in an off-beat store. And, the magical kiss, at midnight… what more can one ask for? I am glad to be here another year. Bittersweet. Bittersweet? You bet. How many more do we have… together? I cherish each and every one. Yes, we celebrated! As usual, the room was crowded … with cats.

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