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Archive for February 16, 2022


Someone (cat) has been making “mistakes” outside the litter box. Who? I was unable to catch the culprit. And, with eight cats, who’s to say, “Who’s guilty?” Ha ha, to catch one in the act? Impossible! Until now. Enter – Blink video camera system. It was recommended by our tech nut son in law. He did not tell me it is a subscription service. Ah! The fine print! Success? … Success! Within minutes after installation, I captured video of the guilty cat (culprit)!! It took but a few minutes! Amazingly effective, but, which Maine coon cat was it? Twins, they look enough alike to make positive ID difficult. Ha ha, a ribbon around their neck? Nope, Feather chewed the ribbon off in minutes. But, I got a guilty party on video! It’s my story, now what? Why couldn’t it be a cat that is easy to distinguish?

Epilogue: The guilty (cats) are identified. The cameras go back. Watching an endless loop of cat crimes repeated is of no further interest.