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Archive for February 18, 2022


Lately, I have wondered: Photography or Story? By the time this post is live, Dave will be away. He wanders. Who’d have thought he had such wanderlust. Whither? I cannot say, because I do not know. It is mostly on a whim. I/we have had him for a couple weeks. Games, yes. Meals, no – salad, please. Roasted cashews. Ah! More please. We simply did not realize how much he’s changed since I last saw him. It’s all good. Candids? It’s hit or miss. The key is fatigue. The subject gets tired of you clicking and forgets you are there. Me? I was self-conscious, too. Hey! … a post without cats, for a change.

Post – conclusion: He went warm and sunny from cold and chilly (here).