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Archive for March 4, 2022

In plain sight

Today, is it story or picture? Things go missing in our house. Ha ha. We live with projects in progress, progress being the operative word. It’s a nice way of saying “mess.” It’s us. It can be overwhelming… sometimes. Can you lose a 3-hole punch? Sure, it’s easy. Just stick it behind something in a place you hardly look. Yeah, it would help if it were where it’s usually kept… A yoga mat? This is about 6’x8’. It ain’t small! We got another; don’t ask. Now we have two. The first? It was standing behind an open door. Oh yeah! “ Look behind the milk.”

Another story? Fake cheese? It’s milk product. It’s not cheese. Oh, but you knew that? I like cheese. Shitake mushroom? Why do they come packaged dry? I was an adult (middle aged I might add) before I ever saw a fresh shitake. Fake duck? Yup, they got that too. It’s good. Colleen won’t touch it. It is all in fashion now. Fake – plant based – meat.

I would look harder for missing things, but, then that would take away the fun from having put things away. …nary a surface is open. Some folk are just destined to have things all about. That, would be us. Oh, and my photo catalog is so crowded, it was easier to photograph the house (again) than to cull a picture from the catalog.