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Archive for May 3, 2022


I feel better – ala – “I feel pretty,” West Side Story, the tune has been floating in my head for days. It’s cheerful with a painful twist right around the corner. Feather’s my cat, always has been, ever since she reached out and grabbed me with her claws and said, “I’m goin’ home with you!” in the pet food store. And, here I was just buyin’ cat food – (not really). Enough cats already! I don’t want this to become a cat blog…. Readers and followers come and go… I am not sure even my family follows. Friends, a few, but then, this blog was never about pandering to an audience. I photograph. Thoughts link up. Voila! It’s a post. Feather never smiles. She’s all serious. And, I am her “human.” Hers! Colleen’s jealous. But, hey!! It’s a cat?! Nope, female, competition. …  I love my wife.