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Encounter? New counter? Ah!! How exciting!! Kitchen renovation is so much fun! And so many $$$$. Um? Five $ signs? Prep? Preparation? You clear the counters. Oh boy! Remove the drawers. Ha ha. My cats! I got curious cats! Yup, each had a go inside the cabinets. There is always a surprise. In this case the plumber told us the new sink was too deep to be able to install a garbage disposal. Ah!! Refund!

Backsplash is up next, it’s another home project for me. I will learn to cut tile. My son in law does tile work and floors for a living. He’s too far away to be of any help. And besides, I like making new mistakes every day.

Ha ha! A new counter? Already you cannot see the new surface to admire it. Really?!! And the cooktop does not fit in the hole. The new counter sits down lower; the gas feed hits the back of the drawer. So!!??#@$ more carpentry was needed to make it fit. This one cost blood as I cut myself on my brand new “sharp” chisel. Kitchen renovation – a game the whole family (cats) can play.

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  1. lu

    have fun and good luck!

    May 17, 2022 at 4:50 pm

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