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Archive for May 27, 2022

Hen’s teeth

… about as rare as… We don’t see relatives nearly as much as we should/might. We assume our lives will go on forever. I see Eric rarely now, hardly at all. He’s got a dog that tried to eat my cat. He does not travel without his dog. We do not see the dog; we do not see Eric. Dave sightings are almost as rare and brief. “Grands” ditto! Covid! Onward to the next booster shot. Colleen? I am with her 24/7/365 now. It is acute withdrawal if we are apart for … Eric? Last seen in 2019, it’s his birthday today. He was born on the very last day of third grade for me. My father left John and I sleeping at home to bring my mother to the hospital. It was the very year I met Colleen for the first time. It was quite the time and year!