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Archive for May 28, 2022


Since I retired, I don’t wear socks, much, infrequently, nearly, hardly at all. Ha ha. We had a deferred a wedding celebration because we eloped. Colleen couldn’t wait once she found out I was eligible to marry again. (shhhh… me neither) So, the party, it happened in the summer, a natural time because everyone (family) comes to the beach. Mostly. We did not compose a guest list and did not want (to impose) people to come from far and wide across the country. So, friends and relatives were mainly the “usual” beach gathered subjects. There was no lack for people. No (neck) ties. T-shirts? I wore a jacket, no socks. Dave drove us over – a mile – to the party. Bug spray anyone? It was, as they all agreed, a heck of a party!