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Archive for July 6, 2022


Macro photography has the great benefit of delivering flower detail you might ordinarily not notice. Lessons! Or, macro may easily enough fail to deliver the essence of the subject. Hit or miss? Hibiscus, did you know the pistil has fine hairs? Did you ever care? The African daisy has central sex parts, the focus is critical to draw interest. Asian lily, focus on the stamens and the focus on the petals is lost. Is the picture lost? Nemesia, has a small protruding hairy tongue. I bet you did not know that and probably never cared till I pointed it out. A slight breeze makes it impossible to focus on this fine detail. You look at a cluster of flowers and just notice purple or yellow. I can tell you the my nursery folks were mystified that I sought to purchase their flowers with the little protruding tongue. Yup, right, crazy! …Too much tequila before he went to buy plants.