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NYT 8/10/22

I think I shall call them SS. The secret service is permanently assigned to ex-presidents. It makes them look so important. Invincible?! So far this one has not been indicted or convicted of the myriad of crimes he committed from paying off a porn star to blackmailing Ukraine to a failed coup and insurrection. What more can one ask in this visual? Fist high? Nazi salute. Storm troopers! Star wars or more Nazis? It’s a striking visual of the times we are in. Millions adore the man. Some millions more detest him. His legacy endures. Hero or traitor? I wonder how history will finally turn out. No one is named Hitler around here in these times.


I have a secret life. ??? I am shy. My interests are unlike most other people. In other words they find me boring or I do them. Large groups are worse. It is a lot of noise and chatter. Politics no, nope, nada – outta bounds. What? So, I just circulate the room and never say anything. No harm no foul. I enjoy my solitude with Colleen. As for the rest, they all pose when I point the camera as I document the family legacy. Who would remember the conversation anyway? The upshot: I was there: we wuz there: there is a historical record for the generations to come. Good. Boo! Negative waves! Nope, a good time was had by all… see the smiles!