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Archive for August 23, 2022

About 100 a day

It’s still a challenge. I chase the elusive quintessential “great” shot. There are many good shots. But the one I seek seems to be just out of sight, touch, range…. Good? You bet! Will I ever get “it?”

I started with my first digital image in 2003. My first camera was in 1965. My first slide… first black and white Tri-X I loaded myself… Let’s stick to digital. I think I have about 700k digital images going back to 2003. I’m not bragging. The calculation is that the numbers amount to about 100 images a day since 2003. Not many, not a few, it’s a steady number and staggering at times. Many days I take nary a single photo and on others it could be hundreds and hundreds. Cost is no longer a limiting factor. It boils down to subject and opportunity. I have good gear and just try to be in the right place at the right moment. I will accept any and all good luck. Ooooo! Ah! Yes!