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Archive for October 2, 2022


We were at the vet and Colleen lamented that Nutley looked depressed and lethargic after Ray’s sudden death. How about another kitty to stimulate Nutley? The vet agreed and suggested to tryout some kittens her tech was fostering. Vetted kittens – a pun!

Dodge (he was found in the engine well of a …), Jack, and Walter came to visit. Nutley climbed on the dresser, hissed, and was having nothing to do with tryouts. He was spooked by sudden introduction of new kittens. Cute! Yes, they were! Failed!? Another brilliant idea gone south. It’s like love at first sight. Either it is or it isn’t. But you cannot make things happen because you wish it to happen. Alas. Cute! Almost? No, we were not about to have ten cats!