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Archive for October 9, 2022


“Even or odd?”, the vet asked Colleen. Do you want an even number of cats? We are currently odd. The number is already unwieldy. They keep us busy. Isn’t one (cat) enough? They only let me have one wife at a time. Hee hee. Characters one and all. All unique. I give and receive different affection from them all. And our relationship is always evolving. Ha ha. Currently we have two sets of twins. And they are not identical in behavior whatsoever. Yes, unique. I’m still running tryouts. I just hope we don’t end up with nine cats….

Today was inventory day. I went around with my camera to photograph each cat. i do the periodically. Nutley is (heaviest) largest. Peas weigh two pounds more than Tillie. You cannot tell Feather from Spice from looking at their faces. Willow and Elle are singles. They never say boo.