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Each revelation is the nail in Trump’s coffin. But it ain’t. He lies anew and his followers follow. He committed crime! Many! A judge no less has determined that felonies were committed. Felony! It’s a crime! No. In this case I ask when is felony not a crime. To be sure if it is was me, my ass would be locked up already.

Teflon Don Gotti:

Why was he called Teflon Don?

Following several unsuccessful prosecutions—one of which failed because the jury foreman was paid a $60,000 bribe—Gotti became known as the “Teflon Don” (because criminal charges against him never stuck) who could always outwit the criminal justice system.

Shhh… 45, your time is coming.

End of the season

It’s the end of the garden season. I try to have color all spring and summer. Flowers, even annuals, have a season and some do not last all season. Glancing briefly at last year there was a better season, so it seems. There were more picturesque blossoms that lasted longer. Really? Does it matter? We go forward. But, gee, I wish I were getting better.

The best I can say is “different.” Each season is learning what works and what did not. No complaints. The nurseries carry different flowers. Some work; some do not. Be positive. Be happy. Don’t worry.

Don’t worry. Be happy!