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Archive for November 5, 2022


It happens a lot. I experiment?! Or, do I just press the shutter and hope for the best? Well, we were surprised. We were in a camera obscura at the museum. This tiny dinky lens projected a picture onto a wall sized surface. Adjust your eyes to the dark and you can see it. Take a picture? Sure. Why not? Voila! Wow. No one seems to have tried this. I showed it all over the museum to the photo archive guys, guides, visitor center, and other tourists. Wow! Yes, we were all impressed. The darn computer sensors can shoot in the dark. For real! Yeah, I usually not surprised. I impressed myself. Try! Experiment! You never know what will happen. Great advice. I should follow it often.

Corollary: The image is upside down! That is how lens and camera and film work. None care for the orientation. Our own eye does the same. We just translate. So! I have done so. It’s all cool. And! By the way, I put Colleen into the picture. Hmmm… what next?