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Archive for November 9, 2022

Fog of War

There was no outright Republican victory. No sweep. No decisive win. Nada! None!

Up yours, Trump! (Ahem, your ass is grass – and I’m gonna mow it.)

I would like to say I told you so.

All politics is local. – Tip O’Neill

The nightmare Colleen envisioned did not materialize. Since more than half of us did not vote for asshole (trump) in 2020… it stands to reason 2022 elections would not be so different despite the dirty tricks and cheating by the republicans.

It was a gathering of cousins at the poll. And no, they would not stand in front of the trump flag, even as a joke! We all voted. That’s what counts at the end of the day.

Yes, there were assholes present, too. You just can’t teach stupid. It seems a natural talent.


Along the road there are always interesting scenes. I was stopped at the traffic light and saw three wise (?) men peering into a survey scope?! What?! Dunno.

We saw MAGA madness?! Really?! You want the world to know you are stupid?!! Fact: Biden is president. I’m just sayin’….

Lee has a 22 yo VW bug. Here was a collection of old VW buses and one bug. Yeah, her car can have a nice home to retire. Nope, she declined.

As I said before, we stop for libraries. Some are pretty nice. Cool!

You can’t make this stuff up.