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Archive for November 16, 2022

Page 26?!

Gee! Don’t hold back! The orange guy with the fake hair announced again. Ho hum. No need to listen. Lies and ego. We seen this story before. The New York Times has a strong opinion. I do not think there will be an endorsement forthcoming. Gee!

Derision? Deja vu all over again?

And, he got cropped in his prime time coverage. Newsworthy? “Florida man” got page 26 in his favorite megaphone…

Junk mail

Upon our return from a recent trip there was a pile – an impressive pile – of junk mail that awaited. You know? The kind that implores donation or urgent action to save whatever endangered species is the flavor of the moment. Buy insurance and other products for which I have no interest. Not from one but from multiple organizations and companies. No return address, sender unknown, hoping curiosity will get you to open the envelope. It is a colossal waste of paper and time.

My point? I liken junk mail to the photos we take that have extraneous distractions. Road signs, telephone wires, you know the drill. It seems there is always something in the way of my perfect shot. Of course, it helps if you are not shooting pictures in a speeding car. But, nonetheless, junk creeps into my images. I will not give up. I strive for perfection knowing that there is always a surprise waiting when I can say, “I shot that??!”