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Archive for November 20, 2022

ho hum

From one loser to another loser.

Elon tweeted: How do you make a small fortune? Start with a large one.

When he had his finger and threatened to press the nuclear button…. now he doesn’t. We realize he never really did and he never will again. Well, he’s yesterday’s news. Example? Well truth social or whatever his social platform, it made a big flat splat when it debuted.

Yesterday’s news today. The next chapter is ‘lock him up.” There are millions who will vote for him. And many more millions will vote against him. He will never rise to power. My vote still counts. You can be sure yours will too.

Twitter will soon enough be defunct. Its content is already suspect for truth. When news is unreliable and manipulated no one will be tuning in. When you make a headline in order to cultivate an audience…. Y’all are toast.

O Henry

It’s like an O Henry story – everyone is trying to do the right thing and we all miss by, that much. Alternately – no good deed shall go unpunished. Or, vacation – a game the whole family can play.

We tried to visit Jules and the kids before she started work once more after maternity leave. How many times have I had sick kids during important events? Christmas flu anyone?

No surprise. The little girls were both sick. And Jules…and us. You name it, they got it and had it. And, they shared! The coup de grace was getting shoes and socks soaked when a rogue wave overtook us on the beach! Yeah, well, nothing so dramatic?!

We all stumbled over ourselves trying to be good to one another. Jules wanted to entertain us. She wanted to take us to see things. She wanted me to cook with Noa. Etc etc… I was not at all demanding and wanted everyone to get well. We just never seemed to mesh. Plenty of smiles but there was a lot of illness. Funny. The kids never did look too ill. Neither were we.

Colleen and I spent the second night home alternately coughing and trying not to wake one another. The girls are mending. Jules missed her first day to return to school. And, it was all on Halloween. Boo!